josh-goderich-electricJosh has been working for Goderich Electric Ltd since February of 2015 and has been licensed since February 2014. He is an excellent team member making him an asset to the dynamics of different crews on different job sites. Josh primarily specializes in industrial and commercial job sites but is versatile and can switch mindsets quickly. He recently led and completed a beautiful kitchen renovation and large generator install.
We can always depend on Josh for his ability to look ahead in the job plan and be creative with how things are done. His laid back personality allows him to take on large jobs without rushing unnecessarily or getting overwhelmed with the work load.
Josh is always enjoyable to work with and shows respect to both his team members and customers. We receive compliments for Josh regularly for his customer care and tidy work habits. We are very happy to have Joshua Verwey on our crew and to have another wonderful mentor for our apprentices!