Trevor is back from school! Trevor has been working for Goderich Electric Ltd for 1 ½ years as an Electrical Apprentice and has currently completed his second term schooling.
Trevor is versatile and able to move from job to job, you’ll see him working on many different jobs in the same day! We are confident in his abilities- his desire and willingness to learn and work as an apprentice is an important key to each Licensed Electrician’s success at Goderich Electric Ltd. He puts his head down and does what needs to be done for the job to be completed fully, and with quality.
We are thankful for such a dedicated and hardworking team member and are proud to see Trevor Lockie advance. We are committed to working with Trevor to become a full Licensed Electrician, and giving him the tools and knowledge he needs. We missed Trevor while he was away, and are happy to have a valuable integral part of our team back!