Led by an experienced master electrician and exposed to above standard training, the Goderich Electric Ltd team is prepared for any electrical problem. By providing tactical and knowledgeable mentoring and training for our employees we look to encourage personal and career focused growth. Employees are confident and capable using state of the art electrical devices and provide support and resources to apprentices and fellow journeymen.

Employees at Goderich Electric Ltd share the common goal of working together seamlessly to provide the highest level of customer service. This includes reliable timely service at competitive prices that are tailored to the customer’s individual tastes and needs. Employees are members of the Ontario College of Trades and certified with WHMIS, First Aid/CPR, Health & Safety Worker Awareness, and Working at Heights. With attention to detail, safety is of utmost importance and integrated into every work procedure.

Employees are trained to be efficient, clean, safe and effective in their practices. Services such as wiring new homes, rewiring and upgrading older homes or buildings and emergency service calls are only some of the basic jobs for Goderich Electric Ltd!

Owners, Jason and Sarah Rylaarsdam

Owner Jason Rylaarsdam, is a Master Electrician who has been with the company for over ten years. Jason and his wife Sarah purchased the company in 2016 after managing it for some time, and continued to provide the very best electrical service that Goderich has known and loved.

With a knowledge of evolving technology, Jason is up to date with the latest electrical trends. His communication, honesty and professionalism are all qualities that have taken Jason from the employee position to business owner.

Jason, Sarah and their family are committed to providing the very best to their neighbours and community. They know the value in local small businesses, and are prepared to give you satisfaction above the average tradesperson.

Brad Smith 2018 (1)


Brad has been a fully qualified and licensed electrician since 1985 and has been working with Goderich Electric Ltd since 2000. As our seasoned team member, we rely on Brad for his expertise and knowledge in… Read More.



Jeremy started with Goderich Electric in 2019 and if far from being new to the trade. Jeremy became a licensed Electrician in 2015. We depend on Jeremy for his troubleshooting and his ability to figure out complex wiring. He has.. Read More.



Nick has been with Goderich Electric since November 2019. He is an excellent team member- making him an asset to the dynamics of different crews on different job sites. In his past, he has specialized in larger commercial and industrial applications, however Read More.

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Josh has been with us since June 2020. Josh specializes in residential renovations, however he has a background in wiring in the agricultural sector as well. Josh is a laid back, no fuss electrician; he is able to stop and take a step back and think about the overall outcome of a project and provide whatever best option is available to the customer.  Read More.

Joe Parsons 2018


Joe has been with Goderich Electric Ltd since 2017, and is a signed apprentice who is so close to completing his entire apprenticeship with us! Joe’s greatest qualities are his ability to listen to details and follow through with a task. He brings patience and a diligent work ethic to our group. We Read More

Chris Govier 2018


Chris is a signed apprentice and has been with Goderich Electric since July 2018. He is getting close to finishing his apprenticeship with us and we are very proud of how far he has come! Chris is quiet and patient and follows instructions with detail. We love   Read More.

Franklin Marshall (2)


Franklin is a signed apprentice who is nearing his apprenticeship completion as he has been with Goderich Electric since July 2018. If you need someone to lift, dig or crawl through an attic, Frank is ready for any job. Frank always brings humour to the table, and is learning the trick of the   Read More.



When we first took on Gray in November 2019, we thought we only had his help temporarily. Due to the pandemic pushing off his schooling, we were able to keep him around a little longer. We are Read More.



Alex has been with us since May 2020.  We are so happy we were able to take Alex on! He is a seasoned apprentice who has been exposed to many of the residential homes in Goderich. Alex is a good listener and communicates well with the customer and his teammates.  Read More.



Tim joined Goderich Electric when he retired from ERTH Power in June 2020. Tim is our communication and scheduling specialist! He brings knowledge of the area and Read More