Thank you to our community!

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With your help, we raised an incredible  $7,970  PLUS over 800 items to
St. Vincent de Paul Goderich Food Bank!

Over the month of November we asked our community to donate either monetary or non-perishable food items. We then matched each item and dollar value!

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Only purchase electrical products with a specially marked CSA approved label.

Before an electrical product or piece of electrical equipment is used, sold, displayed or advertised for sale in Ontario, it must be approved by an accredited certification or evaluation agency. The item must carry the official mark or label of the agency which indicate that the product has been independently assessed for safety (Electrical Safety Authority, 2019)

CSA approved labels can include the ones shown below.

For more CSA approved labels and markings, follow the links:


Non CSA approved electrical products have not been through product testing and can cause extra risk to your home and loved ones. Recognize the labels with the pictures mentioned above. Don’t take the chance!

Some other helpful tips:

  • Always call a licensed electrical contractor to do your electrical work. The contractor should be able to provide you with an ECRA/ESA licence number and a Master Electrician number.
  • Check strand cords and extension cords for damage or fraying. Only use outdoor rated cords for outdoors and be sure to use (and not cut off) the grounding prong on the plug. Keep cords away from areas where someone could trip.
  • Install tamper resistant receptacles, or plastic inserts in receptacles to prevent young children from getting a shock.
  • Do not overload your circuits and make sure outdoor receptacles and wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom are GFCI protected.
  • Keep your ladder away from nearby power lines and be sure to place the ladder on a secure footing.
  • Consult a licensed electrical contractor before purchasing your next home. Many times a building inspection does not adequately investigate a home’s electrical system.

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